The core collection  of the Punta Gorda History Center is the Vernon and Edna Jane Peeples Collection. It includes

  • A library of over 2500 books, directories, journals on the local history of Punta Gorda, Southwest Florida and Florida in general (many unique and rare)

  • Over 20,000 Florida postcards some from the late 1800s through current times.

  • Town survey map done by Gov. Albert W. Gilchrist on linen in 1890s

  • 200 plus antiquarian maps of Florida dating from 1683 including first known government chart mentioning Punta Gorda as an entity (1853) as well as 500 plus aerial maps and charts

  • Over 1000 Vertical subject files used for research by Mr. Peeples mostly on topics directly related to Punta Gorda, Charlotte County and Southwest Florida

  • Approximately 200 manuscripts, radio scripts given by Mr. Peeples

  • Business Documents, and court records from Punta Gorda Businesses in early part of the 20th century

  • Many early Deeds (as old as 1883) and Abstract of Title Records of properties in key sections of historic residential and business district of Punta Gorda

  • Over 1500 photographs including 125 photographs of locals businesses from the beginnings of Punta Gorda through mid-1900s; 200 plus photographs from early families including the Jordans (newspaper editor), the Laniers (first settlers), the Wititzkys, MacAdows, and Governor Gilchrist.  Other photos included churches, schools, the hospital, homes, hotels, construction, streets, the municipal trailer park, hurricane damage (1921), early railroad, wildlife, scenes of leisure activity and area wildlife and landscape.

  • Papers/Records of Albert W. Gilchrist with business records.

  • Papers/Records  of  A.P. Jordan and Punta Gorda Herald

  • An extensive antique bottle collection

  • Vernon Peeples election and legislative files

  • Vernon Peeples genealogy record (extensive research into early Florida roots - Mr. Peeples was a 5th generation Floridan)

Vasco Peeples Business and Legislative Records

Lois Peeples Business and Community Activity Records

  • Copies of key Florida Newspapers from 1821 through early 1900

  • Copies of  Florida Legislative Council Records from 18

Other Collections Include:

Jan Brown's Punta Gorda Postcard Collection.  A scrapbook collection of over 200 postcards from Punta Gorda collected across the country from antique shop and shows over 30 years.

Lee Campbell's Random Act of Kindness Collection.  Reports of kindness acts collected in a program run from Edison State College in the 1900s, many of which were completed by Charlotte County residents, and materials and scrapbooks with news articles  related to the program.  

Gussie Baker Collection.  Thirty-one scrapbooks with photographs, news clips and notes regarding various aspects of Punta Gorda History including the waterfront, fish industry, hospital, local businesses.

Punta Gorda Historic Mural Society Collection.  Sixteen Scrapbooks containing photographs, research and other materials relating to the creation of the murals in Punta Gorda as well as guest books, minutes and other business matters.

Punta Gorda Woman's Club Collection.  Forty-one binders or folders containing news clippings and business files of the Punta Gorda Woman's Club from 1950s to 2000s.

Punta Gorda Historical Society Collection.  Nineteen binders or folders containing news clippings and business files of the Punta Gorda Historical Society from the 1980s.

Martha Ellen Monson Collection.   Digital copies of scrapbooks of news clippings, photographs etc. related to Punta Gorda Fish Company and the Knight and Monson families.  

New Operation Cooper Street Collection.  Digital copy of scrapbooks from Operation Cooper Street from the 1980s.

Linda Wilson Collection.  Scrapbooks, photographs and other

Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association Collection.   Minutes of Board and other Association meetings, newsletters, surveys, promotional materials, correspondence and other documents.