Help Provide History

A History Center's effectiveness is dependent upon the richness of its archive.  To provide the clues to the past that help put a picture together of who was here, why they were here, what was here, and what happened here, we need your help. Often an incidental factor in a photograph can tell more of a story that the original purpose of the photograph, for instance, therefore, old family photos can be important historical documents.   Here are some of the items that contain the pieces of evidence for future history detectives:
  • ·         Personal records/papers/letters from organizations or family collections
  • ·         Professional business records from or letters with local organizations
  • ·         Diaries or Journals giving a day by day account of ideas, happening
  • ·         Scrapbooks with newspaper clippings, memorabilia from area
  • ·         Bound Volumes (Articles, photos, newspapers, magazines, clipping files)
  • ·         Maps – of or related to Punta Gorda and Charlotte Harbor
  • ·         Photographs – people, places ( people who have resided or visited Punta Gorda – historic buildings)  (If you don't won't to donate, perhaps you will let us scan)
  • ·         Paintings/Drawings/Sketches historical in nature of Punta Gorda or Charlotte Harbor or portraits of distinguished Punta Gordans or visitors or people or events representative of an era in Punta Gorda history
  • ·         Postcards (of Punta Gorda or region)
  • ·         Copies of lectures, teaching materials, unpublished articles or stories
  • ·         Research Files
  • ·         Replicas, duplicates of articles or other content related to Punta Gorda/Charlotte Harbor  History
  • ·         Books about or relevant to Punta Gorda/Charlotte Harbor (reference and fiction)
  • ·         Public City Records of historical significance
  • ·         Obituaries and Cemetery Records
  • ·         Plat Maps
  • ·         Directories of local organizations and businesses
  • ·         School Yearbooks
  • ·         Historical event posters and broadsides
FoFor inquiries about donating or lending pieces of history contact Theresa Murtha at 941-916-8800 or