New Exhibit “Coming to Punta Gorda”

A new exhibit on how people arrived in Punta Gorda is now on display. Learn about the early settlers journey to the land around Charlotte Harbor.

Ongoing Exhibit

"Hall of Honor"  is an ongoing display of photographs of people and organizations that have made significant contributions to Punta Gorda's develpment.  

Where to Find Us?

We are  located at 512 E. Grace Street across the street from Charlotte High School. 

Join us for an exciting journey into the past – the past of our country, Florida and in particular Punta Gorda and Charlotte Harbor. This journey takes you down a river – a river called Peace… and into a harbor which experienced fishing, commerce, war, adventuring, settlement. It takes you back to the formation of a town, one of Florida’s oldest with a name taken from the original name for a point put on the map by Spanish explorers over 500 years ago. It takes you back to the beginnings of Punta Gorda, Florida, one of the oldest incorporated municipalities in Southwest Florida and perhaps the location of one of the earliest human settlements in the region.